On April 25, Rebecca spoke on the theme of “Transforming Obstacles” and led meditation practice at a sold-out event at the Rubin Museum in New York City.  Over a hundred participants took part, many of whom attend the weekly workshop regularly.  A statue of Padmasambhava was chosen as the artwork for the day’s event and Rebecca used the occasion to remember the late Dr. John Crook, one of her teachers, who passed away in 2011.  She is scheduled to teach at the Rubin again on May 16.

On April 23, Rebecca led an evening of practice in Silent Illumination with members of the Buddhist Sangha of Bucks County, Yardley, PA.  BSBC is a vibrant community of Buddhist practitioners.  Rebecca has been supporting this sangha as visiting teacher since 2016.

Rebecca met and hosted Vandana Shiva on April 12 on her campus.  Even though it was their first meeting, Shiva has quickly become a role model whose tireless effort to preserve the world’s biodiversity and support small farmers is an inspiration.  Read more.

Rebecca was invited by the Yale Buddhist Sangha to share her experience and perspective of being Asian and Buddhist in America.  The event on April 10, “Asian & Buddhist (?) Redux: Dinner & Conversation” was attended by students and staff, Asian and non-Asian, Buddhists and non-Buddhists, from departments across Yale University.

Rebecca led the Foundation Retreat at Dharma Drum Retreat Center from April 6-8.  Participants, both new and experienced, traveled from Virginia, Canada, and around New York and New Jersey to practice in this retreat and learn the Dharma.

On March 25, Rebecca gave a Dharma talk on “Cultivating Generosity as a Chan Practitioner” at the Chan Meditation Center.

Rebecca joined 200,000 protesters in March For Our Lives in New York City with other practitioners on March 24.  She worked with members of the Buddhist Action Coalition to plan for the Buddhists in the New York area to march together.  Lion’s Roar shared her reflections and photos of the march.  She also shared her thoughts with Tricycle on why it was important for Buddhists to participate in the march.

Rebecca led a day-long retreatRelaxing into Clarity” at Newark Center for Meditative Culture on February 25.

Rebecca addressed a gathering of 200 Buddhists at the Union Theological Seminary on February 3 at a one-day conference, “Buddhist Action: Morals, Vision and Justice.”  She also served on the organizing team that included Bhikkhu Bodhi of Buddhist Global Relief to help plan the event and served as one of the facilitators in the breakout group discussion where participants brainstormed about actions and organizational structure for the community moving forward.  Here is a report from Mountain Record published by the Mountains and Rivers Order.  See full text of her address.


Rebecca led a Three-Day Chan Retreat at the DDM San Francisco Bay Area Center in California over the weekend of December 8-10.  After the retreat, she used the opportunity to meet with her fellow Dharma teacher friends in the Insight, Triratna, and Soto Zen traditions in San Francisco.

Rebecca led the first Thanksgiving Chan Retreat at DDRC during the week of the Thanksgiving holiday (Nov. 21-25).  The retreat introduced participants to the practice of Silent Illumination and the teachings of the Four Noble Truths.

Rebecca was invited by the Buddhadharma Magazine to write a piece in response to the question: How can practitioners “take on the suffering of the world” or practice “for the sake of all beings” without also inflating their own sense of self-importance?  It appeared in the “Ask the Teachers” section of the Winter 2017 issue.

Rebecca, with Simon Child and Hilary Richards from the Western Chan Fellowship in the U.K., led the largest Western Zen Retreat to date at Dharma Drum Retreat Center from October 13-18.  Participants came from around the country, travelling from as far as Los Angeles and Seattle, and from Canada.

Rebecca talked about Patience/Endurance and the Chan Practice at the Buddhist Sangha of Bucks County on October 9.

Rebecca gave a Dharma talk “Chan Practice and the Bodhisattva Path” at the Brooklyn Zen Center on September 23.  In this talk, she discussed how the centrality of Bodhisattva Path in Chan deepens our understanding and cultivation of the six paramitas.

Rebecca gave a Dharma talk “Preparing for a Good Death: Cultivating Clarity and Generating Great Bodhi Mind” at Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn on September 20, the last of the Death and Dharma series co-sponsored by Greenwood and Brooklyn Zen Center.  She shared the lessons taught by her master, the late Master Sheng Yen, in the way he prepared for his death and his teachings on how to face death.

Rebecca joined other Dharma teachers in a 7-week course series U Mad? Wisdom for Rageful Times offered by Buddhist Peace Fellowship to discuss how to apply Dharma teachings and practice in this politically challenging time.

Rebecca’s reflection on her participation in the Third Buddhism and Race conference at Harvard Divinity School in March 2017 entitled “Buddhism and Race” was published in Chan Magazine, spring 2017 issue, in August 2017.

Western Chan Fellowship in the U.K. published their interview with Rebecca in the New Chan Forum, issue 57, in July 2017.

Rebecca attended the Gen X Dharma Teachers Conference held in Crestone, CO in June 2017.  She joined the Advisory Council of the Gen X Dharma Teachers community at the conference.

Rebecca was re-elected to the board of director and board secretary of Dharma Drum Retreat Center (DDRC) in May 2017.  She was one of the founding members of the board and has served on the board since the DDRC was incorporated in 2004.

Rebecca’s article “What is so special about the present moment?” was excerpted in the Spring 2017 issue of Buddhadharma Magazine.

Rebecca spoke at the Third Buddhism and Race Conference at Harvard Divinity School in March 2017.

Rebecca joined the Buddhist Sangha of Bucks County as guest teacher and gave a talk entitled “Interdependence: Embracing Life’s Ups and Downs with Equanimity” on February 13.


Rebecca joined the teaching team of the iBme New Year’s Teen Retreat in Massachusetts in late December 2016.

Rebecca became a member of the American Zen Teachers Association in December 2016.

Rebecca became a member of the Lay Zen Teachers Association in September 2016.

Rebecca was invited by the Dharma Drum Vancouver Center to present a workshop “Curiosity and Choice: Being Me and Making a Difference.”  Participants of all ages took part in a lively discussion after talk on how they could integrate the key ideas into their own life choices.

Rebecca was invited by the Yale University chaplain to offer meditation workshops with Dharma discussion to the Yale Buddhist Sangha during the academic year.  She will give four workshops during the AY 2016-17.

Rebecca spoke at a panel on Global Citizenship with Venerable Guo Chan and Venerable Chang Ji, celebrating the late Master Sheng Yen’s international work to promote peace and youth empowerment, in the Sheng Yen Conference in late June 2016 held in Taipei, Taiwan.

Rebecca received full Dharma transmission from Simon Child on June 5, 2016 and became the second-generation Dharma heir of Chan Master Sheng Yen in the Dharma Drum Lineage of Chinese Chan Buddhism that combines the Linji and Caodong lines received by Chan Master Sheng Yen.  Her Dharma name is Zhi-deng Fa-chuan, Wisdom Lamp, Dharma Transmitting.  

Rebecca spoke at the Second Buddhism and Race Conference at Harvard Divinity School in March 2016.

The second edition of Chan Comes West, edited by Rebecca Li, was published in February 2016 after long delays.  Publishing this book was the last request made by the late Chan Master Sheng Yen to Rebecca.

Rebecca appeared on the cover of the premiere issue of Lion’s Roar, previously known as Shambhala Sun, in January 2016.  Her article discussing the most important Buddhist truth we need to proclaim in the 21st century also appeared in the same issue.


Rebecca taught a month-long online retreat on during the month of October 2015.  Her retreat was titled “Living the Platform Sutra” where she covered the key teachings of the Platform Sutra by Chan Master Huineng.


Rebecca joined the Silent Peace Walk around Central Park in Manhattan, NY on October 1, 2012 for peace in the Middle East.  She was invited to serve as a facilitator in group discussions held in the park.  It was a deeply moving experience.