Visiting the Future Chan Retreat Center in England

Rebecca and her husband spent over a week in June visiting the farmhouse recently purchased by Simon Child, one of late Chan Master Sheng Yen’s Dharma heirs, to be converted into a retreat center.

Simon future retreat center

The property is located in the Peak District of England, approximately an hour south of Manchester.  A small part of the house will be converted into a modest living quarter for Simon and his wife.  The rest (the entire section on the right side in the photo and more) will be accommodation for the retreat leaders and guest master and Chan Hall.  The barn (not shown) will be converted into dormitory, kitchen and dining hall for retreatants.


The surrounding is perfect for retreat practice.  There will be miles of footpath for outdoor walking meditation, surrounded by natural beauty amidst deep silence.  One can walk along the running stream and sit by the pond to contemplate a koan.  Occasionally, one may catch sight of one of the owls currently residing in the owl box in the attic of the barn.  We look forward to attending or supporting a retreat at the new retreat center soon.

SRC_0039-G4(Photo provided by Simon Child)


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