Guided Meditation with Rebecca Li (5 min)

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In this guide meditation, I will take you through the relaxation of your head and face and your body to help you settle down your mind.  If you have time, I encourage you to meditate for a few more minutes to relax your body and mind and to connect with your inner self after the recording ends.  You can set a timer for a 10-15 minute meditation session if you wish.  You can also use this for your 5-minute meditation session.

Guided Meditation with Rebecca Li

Looking out from the interview room at Maenllwyd

In this guided meditation, I will take you through a whole body relaxation followed by instructions to sit in clear awareness.  The recording lasts for 24 minutes.  I encourage you to continue the practice for another 10 minutes or more after the recording ends for a longer period of meditation if time permits.  Be sure to take a couple of minutes to transition from stillness to motion when the meditation session ends.