Dharma Talks

Rebecca gives public, bilingual talks at the Chan Meditation Center in Queens, NY several times a year.  She gives the talk in English and then translates into Mandarin Chinese.  Public talks given elsewhere are in English only.  To listen to these talks, please click on the title.

Cultivating Unconditional Love as a Chan Practitioner (12/5/2021)

Transforming Afflictive Emotions (11/22/2021)

Upholding Precepts as a Chan Practitioner (11/6/2021)

Mandala (10/25/2021)

What Does It Mean to Live the Dharma (10/20/2021)

Offering (8/30/2021)

Wisdom (6/7/2021)

Reflections on Kayaking Meditation (5/21/2021)

Cultivating Wisdom and Compassion by Upholding the Precepts on Speech (5/13/2021)

Cultivating Clarity of Our Views (5/7/2021)

Awareness (5/3/2021)

Wisdom from the Shurangama Sutra in Daily Life: Contemplating Our Sensory Experiences (5/1/2021)

Unconditional Kindness While Languishing (4/23/2021)

Cultivating Wisdom as a Chan Practitioner, Part 2 (4/18/2021)

Reflecting on Aging and Death (4/9/2021)

Awaken (4/5/2021)

Working with Loneliness (3/28/2021)

Cultivating Wisdom as a Chan Practitioner, Part 1 (3/28/2021)

Chan Practice with Proper Mental Attitude (3/21/2021)

Contemplating the Body and Mind (3/19/2021)

Paramita of Wisdom (3/15/2021)

Facing Chaos (3/15/2021)

Opening Our Hearts to Grief (3/5/2021)

Acknowledging the Losses We Lived Through (2/19/2021)

Unconditional Kindness Meditation (2/14/2021)

Recognizing Our Suffering is Wisdom (2/5/2021)

Love (2/1/2021)

Generosity (12/21/2020)

Cultivating Appreciative Joy as a Chan Practitioner (12/6/2020)

Resilience (11/23/2020)

Cultivating Wisdom and Compassion in Relationships (11/5/2020)

How to Engage in Chan Practice during the Pandemic (11/1/2020)

Awakening (8/17/2020)

The Teachings of Chan Master Sheng Yen (8/5/2020)

Advice from Great Masters for Living in Uncertain Times (8/1/2020)

Working with Anger and Frustration in the Face of Social Injustice (6/3/2020)

Living Fully is to See Each Moment as Brand New (5/29/2020)

Restoring Meaning to Our Lives (5/22/2020)

Letting Go of Our Search for Absolute Safety (5/15/2020)

Recognizing and Learning from the Bodhisattvas around us (5/8/2020)

Facing Uncertainty with Chan Practice (5/1/2020)

Practicing as a Bodhisattva in the Pandemic (4/27/2020)

Practicing to Suffer Better (4/24/2020)

Practicing with the Unfolding “New Normal” (4/17/2020)

Unconditional Kindness to Ourselves (4/10/2020)

Open our Heart to our Whole Self (4/3/2020)

Allow Joy into our Hearts in this Pandemic (3/27/2020)

Working with Lacerating Self-Judgment (2/25/2020)

Community-building with Clarity and Compassion (2/23/2020)

Preparing for our death and that of our loved ones (2/16/2020)

Cultivating Dhyana Meditation as a Chan Practitioner (12/15/2019; English-only & Bilingual)

Chan Practice during the Holiday Season (11/24/2019)

Understanding and Practicing with the Teaching of no-self (11/18/2019)

Chan Practitioners as Agents of Social Change (9/21/2019)

Working with Perfectionism in Relationships and Social Engagement (9/17/2019)

Practicing Patience-Endurance in a Politically-Divided World (9/15/2019)

Community-building as a Path of Liberation (3/14/2019)

Cultivating Clear Awareness of Group Dynamics (2/17/2019)

Generosity and Unconditional Kindness (12/12/2018)

Working with Self-doubt through Chan Meditation (11/27/2018)

Cultivating Gratitude and Total Awareness (11/11/2018)

The Bodhisattva Ideal (11/5/2018)

Cultivating Generosity as a Chan Practitioner–Part II (9/9/2018; Bilingual)

Living a Fulfilling Life in Chan Practice (8/2/2018)

Using Chan Practice to Reflect on Our Biases (4/29/2018; Bilingual)

Cultivating Generosity as a Chan Practitioner–Part I (3/25/2018; Bilingual)

How is a Chan Practitioner to Handle Suspicion and Self-Doubt (11/5/2017; Bilingual)

Chan Practice and the Bodhisattva Path (9/23/2017; in English only)

Cultivating Patience/Endurance as a Chan Practitioner (7/30/2017; Bilingual)

Cultivating Equanimity as a Chan Practitioner (5/7/2017; Bilingual)

How is a Chan Practitioner to Handle Pride and Self-Righteousness? (3/26/2017; Bilingual)

Embracing Chaos: Chan Practice in Our Tumultuous Times (5/22/2016; Bilingual)

Curiosity and Choice: Being Me and Making a Difference (8/14/2016; in English only)

Four Great Vows in Daily Life, Part I (2/28/2016; Bilingual)

Four Great Vows in Daily Life, Part II (9/11/2016; Bilingual)

Chan Practice and Making Wise Choices (12/4/2016; Bilingual)

Transference of Merits in Chan Practice (11/6/2016; Bilingual)

Contemplating Aging and Death as a Chan Practitioner (12/13/2015; Bilingual)

The Three Studies: Precepts, Concentration, and Wisdom (4/19/2015; Bilingual)

Learning from the Buddha’s Story: Buddhist Way to Inner Peace and Freedom (1/18/2015; Bilingual)

Cultivating Diligence in Chan Practice–Part 2 (3/18/2012; Bilingual)

Cultivating Diligence in Chan Practice–Part 1 (2/5/2012; Bilingual)