Chan Practitioners as Agents of Social Change

Rebecca was invited to present her work at the conference “Buddhism and Social Change” hosted by the University of British Columbia and Dharma Drum Vancouver Center on September 21, 2019.  The title of her paper was “Chan Practitioners as Agents of Social Change” where she explained the importance of cultivating sociological insights in invisible dynamics in social life for Chan practitioners to effect social change that is in accordance with wisdom and compassion. 

DSC0593201(Source: Dharma Drum Vancouver Center.  From left to right: Ven. Chang Wu; David McMahan; Rebecca Li; Wendi Adamek; David Loy; Jonathan Gold)

Practicing Patience-Endurance in a Politically-Divided World

In this polarized political climate, many people are suffering from strained relationships as their friends and family members hold very different political views.  Rebecca spoke on how Chan practitioners can use this as opportunity to practice to cultivate wisdom and compassion as these relationships continue.  This talk was given on September 15, 2019 at the New Jersey chapter of DDMBA in Edison, NJ.