Allow Joy

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Book Description:

When faced with an event that disrupts every aspect of our lives, how do we avoid succumbing to hopelessness, bitterness, and other destructive habits of the mind, and instead find ways to allow joy, kindness, and generosity to fill our hearts in the midst of suffering?  Rebecca Li explains how we can, through the cultivation of clear awareness, transform challenging circumstances into fertile soil for wisdom and compassion to grow by facing each moment with tenderness, clarity, and courage.

Chapter Titles:

Allow Joy into Our Hearts

Opening Our Hearts to Our Whole Self

Unconditional Kindness to Ourselves

Practicing with the Unfolding “New Normal”

Practicing to Suffer Better

Using Chan Practice to Face Uncertainty

Learning from the Bodhisattvas Around Us

Letting Go of Our Search for Absolute Safety

Restoring Meaning to Our Lives

Living Fully Is to See Each Moment as Brand New


“You hold in your hands a rare, beautiful, and powerful gift of insight. Allow Joy into Our Hearts is a treasure right from the heart of one of the great teachers of our time. In bringing forth these powerful teachings at this challenging moment in time, Rebecca Li reminds us that each and every moment of our life is unprecedented. If we are willing and able to hold each moment skillfully, carefully and lovingly; to, as Rebecca says so beautifully, “not have a problem with anything that is arising”,  then each moment becomes a moment in which healing, insight and transformation is available.

Allow Joy into Our Hearts feels like a series of warmhearted conversations with a kind and skillful friend who speaks right to the heart.  You will want to return to it over and over again for its rich, deep and profound insights. I know I certainly will.”

Brother Phap Hai, senior Dharma teacher in the lineage of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and author of The Eight Realizations of Great Beings: Essential Buddhist Wisdom for Realizing Your Full Potential and Nothing To It: Ten Ways to Be at Home with Yourself

“Rebecca Li shares kind, grounded wisdom for our challenges in Allow Joy into Our Hearts. Her compassionate, clear voice is a balm for our anguished moment. It is a gift to have access to her teachings, and her integrity shines through.”

Anushka Fernandopulle, Insight Meditation Teacher & member of Teacher’s Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

“Rebecca Li’s humane and down-to-earth teaching style is a balm for the heart.  Allow Joy into Our Hearts provides an entirely realistic, easeful approach to practicing the Buddhist path with a smile.”

Sumi Loundon Kim, Yale Buddhist Chaplain and author of Sitting Together, a Buddhist curriculum for families

“… Li’s patient yet stern tone and many meditation suggestions make this accessible collection a timely reminder to honor all dimensions of experience during stressful moments. While Buddhist practitioners will get the most out of this, those struggling to maintain balance during trying times will benefit from the soothing advice.”

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